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Diet and Weight Loss Plans from Ross Medical Group

Get ready for summer and start your journey towards better health. At Ross Medical Group, our doctors offer weight loss consultations that will help you lose weight and are safe for your health. It is important that before starting a diet, to have a doctor review your medical history and provide you with a personalized plan focused on getting the results that you want. Having a doctor monitor your diet ensures that you lose weight in a healthy way and helps ensure that you keep that weight off for the long term. There are a lot of other weight loss and diet programs in the market that are not very healthy for you and are not monitored by doctors.

Apart from changing the way that you eat, there are two other important aspects in dieting that most other diet programs do not assess. The first is an evaluation of your body’s metabolism. If your metabolism is slow, then it will be harder to lose weight. Our doctors will evaluate your metabolism and provide interventions focused on increasing your metabolism so it is easier to lose weight.

The second aspect affecting dieting is exercise. The most common problem with starting exercise while dieting is knowing exactly what exercise to do, and how to do it properly. Our in-house physical therapist will perform a full body and functional evaluation and provide you with a personalized exercise program to jumpstart your diet.

Our diet consultations and diet plan involves:

  1. Providing medication that can help lose weight
  2. Providing interventions focused on increasing your metabolism and energy level
  3. In Depth Nutritional Counseling and Education
  4. A Physical and exercise evaluation with our in-house physical therapist to help jumpstart your workout routine and ensure that you don’t injure yourself


Call Ross Medical Group at 305-279-7677 and make an appointment with one of our physicians about a diet consultation! Same day appointments are available. We look forward to taking care of you!

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