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Physical Therapy

Ross Medical Group

Family Medicine, Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy in Miami, FL

The team at Ross Medical Group offers convenient, on-site physical therapy at their state-of-the-art facility in Miami. Our board certified doctor of physical therapy Monica Ross DPT,CMPT provides specialized and full-spectrum general and pediatric physical therapy services while the team’s trained osteopathic physicians perform osteopathic manipulative treatment. For comprehensive physical therapy care, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Physical Therapy Q & A

What is physical therapy?

At Ross Medical Group, the goal of physical therapy (PT) is to reduce pain and restore functional mobility after you experience an injury or painful musculoskeletal condition, such as arthritis.

Dr. Ross provides a full spectrum of one-on-one, in-office physical therapy services for both adults and pediatric patients. Her approach to treatment begins with a thorough evaluation. Then, she develops an individualized exercise therapy program that achieves your unique functional goals at your own pace.

Depending on your needs, physical therapy may include:

  • Manual therapy, such as massage, traction, and manipulation
  • Therapeutic exercises to improve strength, balance, and flexibility
  • KT Tape® to provide support to muscles and joints while facilitating healing
  • Phonophoresis to treat inflammation
  • Paraffin therapy to apply deep heat to sore muscles
  • Cryotherapy to decrease discomfort during exercise
  • Ultrasound to heat deep tissue for therapy
  • Electrical stimulation (e-stim) to reduce pain sensations

Dr. Ross also has extensive experience performing ergonomic evaluations in the home or work environment so you can easily integrate healing into your everyday life.

What is osteopathic manipulative treatment?

Osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) involves hands-on techniques that help diagnose, treat, and prevent medical problems like illness and injury. The osteopathic physicians (DOs) at Ross Medical Group use OMT methods to gently move your muscles and joints.

Similar to PT, OMT can help ease the pain, improve mobility, and promote overall healing. The team at Ross Medical Group may recommend PT, OMT, or a combination of both methods customized to meet your needs.

What conditions does PT or OMT treat?

The team at Ross Medical Group uses physical therapy to treat a wide variety of medical conditions that affects adults and pediatric patients. They may recommend PT if you suffer from one or more of the following.

  • Back and neck pain
  • Pain from poor posture
  • Spinal disorders such as scoliosis
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Shoulder impingement syndrome
  • Sprains, strains, and fractures
  • Tendinitis and tendinosis
  • Juvenile, rheumatoid, or osteoarthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

The team at Ross Medical Group may also recommend PT to help you rehabilitate after a surgical procedure, such as total joint replacement.

They may recommend OMT to promote healing and relieve pain from conditions such as:

  • Asthma
  • Migraines
  • Sinus infections
  • Menstrual pain

To learn more about how physical therapy and OMT can improve your health, call Ross Medical Group or book an appointment online today.