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Gait Analysis

Ross Medical Group

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Running is a great way to stay in shape. But if your gait is off, it may cause pain or ultimately damage to your body. The specialists at family practice Ross Medical Group in Miami, including David A. Ross, MD, and Monica Ross, DPT, CMPT, offer gait and running analysis to assess your gait and help you make changes that not only minimize health issues but may also improve your workout. For a gait and running analysis, call Ross Medical Group today or book an appointment online.

Gait and Running Analysis Q & A

What is gait and running analysis?

A gait and running analysis assesses your manner of walking and running and how it may affect your biomechanical health. Every step you take involves many parts of your body, including your feet, ankles, knees, and hips. Your gait may affect the alignment of these body parts and cause pain or even damage to the joint or soft tissue.

You may be especially vulnerable to injury or damage if you’re a runner. The constant impact as you pound the pavement significantly increases the amount of force placed on your joints and soft tissue.

Am I a good candidate for gait and running analysis?

Your specialist at Ross Medical Group determines if you’re a good candidate for a gait and running analysis after a comprehensive evaluation. You may want to consider the assessment if you:

  • Experience pain when you walk or run
  • Have pain in your hip, ankle, or knees while you run
  • Have patellofemoral syndrome

You may also benefit from a gait and running analysis if you experience different pain sensations when you run with or without your shoes.

What can the gait and running analysis tell me?

Your gait and running analysis can determine how the pronation of your foot affects your gait and running. Your pronation refers to the natural inward roll of your foot as the outside of your foot hits the ground, acting as a shock absorber protecting your legs and body from the impact. If your foot pronates too much inward or outward, it may affect the distribution of your weight, leading to pain or damage in your feet, ankles, knees, or hips.

After completing your gait and running analysis, your specialist at Ross Medical Group can make recommendations that improve your gait for better weight distribution. This may include a specific type of shoe or an orthotic insert. Your specialist may also recommend physical therapy on-site at Ross Medical Group to improve balance and strength for better weight and force distribution while you run.

A gait and running analysis can benefit anyone who experiences pain when they walk but may be especially helpful to runners to prevent injuries down the road. To schedule your gait and running analysis, call the office today or book online.