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Allergy Testing And Immunotherapy

Ross Medical Group

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Allergies are a common health concern and one of the leading causes of chronic illness in the United States. Identifying the underlying cause of your allergy and getting targeted treatment is key to getting relief from your symptoms. Ross Medical Group in Miami is a family medicine practice that specializes in allergy testing and offers immunotherapy to help get you relief from your allergies. For allergy management, call the office today or request an appointment online.

Allergy Testing and Immunology Q & A

What are allergies?

Allergies occur when your immune system overreacts to a substance, referred to as an allergen, it considers foreign and dangerous, even though that’s not always the case. When you come in contact with the substance, your immune system creates antibodies that lead to the various symptoms associated with allergies, including hives or a scratchy throat.

Allergies are common and affect as many as 50 million Americans every year.

What are common allergens?

Numerous substance may cause an allergic reaction. Some of the most common allergens include:

  • Dust mites or pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Insects such as bees
  • Latex
  • Medication
  • Certain foods, such as peanuts, milk, wheat, or eggs

Identifying the allergen causing your symptoms is an important step towards managing your symptoms.

What are allergy symptoms?

Your allergy symptoms may vary in both type and severity. In most cases, the underlying cause of your allergic reaction determines the type of symptoms you experience. For example, a food allergy may cause tingling in the throat or an itchy mouth, while a pollen allergy may lead to watery eyes and a runny nose.

Common symptoms that may indicate allergies include:

  • Hives or itchy skin
  • Itchy and watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Scratchy throat
  • Cough
  • Tightness in the chest
  • Difficulty breathing

With a severe allergy, you may develop anaphylaxis, which is a life-threatening condition that causes your body to go into a state of shock and requires immediate medical attention.

What is allergy testing?

Allergy testing determines the type of allergen causing your symptoms. The specialists at Ross Medical Group offer two types of allergy testing:

Allergy skin testing

During a skin test, your specialist pricks your skin with a small amount of the allergen on your arm and monitors the site for a reaction. If you develop a raised red bump at the site of the allergen placement, then you’re considered allergic to that substance.

Ross Medical Group conducts allergy skin testing in the office for close monitoring. You may receive a test for several allergens at one time.

Allergy blood testing

Your specialist may also determine the allergen causing your symptoms with a blood test. For food allergies, they may recommend the ALCAT test.

Once the team has determined your allergen, they can develop a treatment plan to minimize your symptoms, including immunotherapy.

What is immunotherapy?

The team at Ross Medical Group offer immunotherapy, also referred to as allergy shots, as a treatment for your allergies. Immunotherapy helps make you less allergic to your allergen by exposing you to small amounts of the allergen and gradually increasing the dose over a set period of time. Immunotherapy may be recommended if you suffer from dust, pollen, or bee sting allergies.

Allergies can significantly affect your quality of life. Allergy testing and immunotherapy can improve your well-being. For management of your allergies, call Ross Medical Group today or request an appointment online.