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Performance Nutrition Q & A

What is Performance Nutrition?

We all have individual nutrition needs depending on our body type, our sport and the amount that we exercise. From weekend warriors to professional athletes, the proper nutrition program is essential to keep you healthy, injury free and to allow you to perform at your best.

What should I expect during my performance nutrition consultation?

During your nutrition consultation, Dr. Ross will develop an individualized nutrition program focusing on:

  • The amount of calories needed for your level of exercise or training
  • The mix of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates needed to perform at your best
  • Adequate hydration schedule
  • Meal and snack planning around training and competition

Our nutrition needs will change based on our training and sport. Dr. Ross will go through your season and help you plan for your nutritional needs.

What happens after my performance nutrition consultation?

You will start your nutrition program and follow up regularly with Dr. Ross to evaluate your progress until you reach your goals.

For a performance nutrition consultation, call the sports medicine specialist at Ross Medical Group today or request an appointment online.