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Back to School Means it’s Time for Your Pre-participation Physical Exam (PPE)!

What is the PPE?

Approximately 30 million athletes younger than 18 years receive medical clearance to participate in sports every year. The purpose of the pre-participation physical evaluation is to maximize the health of athletes and their safe participation in sports.

What is included?

Our doctor will perform a comprehensive physical exam with focus on the musculoskeletal system. Dr. Ross will also address the particular demands of your child’s sport and provide them with training and nutrition recommendations so that they can perform at their best during the season. Other parts of the exam include a focused history and cardiac screening tests and bloodwork as indicated. Dr. Ross also offers baseline testing for concussions.

Why is it important?

Your doctor can access your child’s medical and family history to determine if there are any conditions that may predispose him/her to unnecessary risk during physical activity. Dr. Ross can also provide information on injury prevention and other health concerns. When participating in sports, you need to ensure that you are in optimal medical health. Before the season begins, make sure that you get your pre-participation physical exam at Ross Medical Group!

How to prepare for the Office Visit?

Fill out the PPE History form that is provided by your child’s school or recreational club. If you don’t have a PPE form visit:


Call Ross Medical Group at 305-279-7677 and schedule your appointment today!

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